From late September 2017, Earlsdon Library will be becoming a community-led library. Read on to find out what that means, the changes you can expect and how you can get involved.

What is a community-led library?

From 25 September Earlsdon will start its transition to a community-led library. This means the library will be run by the people of Earlsdon rather than by the council.

Why is this happening?

As part of its redevelopment of library services across the city, Coventry City Council has identified 3 libraries which must be taken over by the community to prevent closure. These libraries are: Cheylesmore, Finham and Earlsdon.

Who will be taking over from the Council?

Earlsdon Community Library Ltd is a not-for-profit company that has been formed by Earlsdon Library Friends, a small group of Earlsdon residents. We have been working with Coventry City Council and local residents for the past year to develop a realistic, sustainable plan for keeping Earlsdon library open.

How will the library be staffed?

There will still be one Council-employed librarian while we transition to a community-led model. We are currently recruiting and training volunteers to work alongside this person.

Will opening hours change?

There will be some changes to opening hours as we get up and running. Please check our website our posters in the library for updates.

Week commencing 25 September opening hours will be:

  • Monday – 10am – 5pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)
  • Tuesday – 10am – 5pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)
  • Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday – 10am – 5pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)
  • Friday – 1pm – 5pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed

As we get up and running, dependent on volunteer numbers and availability, we hope to be able to increase these hours to include some evenings and weekends.

Will I still be able to use computers?

Yes, there will be no change to these services.

Will groups and classes still be able to use the library?

Yes, initially there will be no changes to class and group timetables. We will be speaking to all groups who use the library regularly to ensure that they are still able to use the facilities throughout the transition period and beyond.

What about Rhyme Time?

Rhyme Time is an important part of life at Earlsdon Library. From 25 September, the Council will no longer be running Rhyme Time, but we are currently making alternative arrangements. Look out for posters around the library with more details soon.

Will I still be able to use my library card?

Yes, there will be no change to how books are issued.

Will I still be able to return books from other libraries / take books back to other libraries?

Yes, we will still be working with the Council to stock books.

Will I still be able to request books?


Will there be any other changes to the library?

We are looking at ways to generate revenue in order to keep the library open. Over the coming months we will be making some changes to the building to create room for a community space. We’ll be making this available for hire for regular classes, special events and other community activities. Look out for more information about these events in coming months.

How can I get involved?

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. Please email for more details. If you are interested in running an event or regular class in our new community space please get in touch.